Nation-E is an international cybersecurity company dedicated to protecting critical infrastructure from harmful cyberattack. Ameba was contracted to produce effective social media management, blog facilitation, public relations, and design.


Ameba launched an integrated social media presence including insightful and industry-based blog posts, positioned CEO Idan Udi Edry as a thought leader in the industry, completely revamped the website, produced white papers and contributed articles published in some of the industry’s most important media platforms.


Ameba created and distributed several press releases for Nation-E, combined with various media-pitching strategies to boost the brand. As a result of Ameba’s work, Nation-E received 33 media hits, including leading national media outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, The Associated Press, Fox News Channel, CIO and many others.


Ameba positioned Nation-E with a powerful and widespread social media campaign, increasing engagement on Facebook (216 likes), LinkedIn (121 followers) and Twitter (245 followers), without the support of promoted posts.

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