Calling all jet-setters and marketing masterminds…

As we all know, summer is made up of sunshine, fruity drinks, and most of all, traveling. So as you jet off to a remote island location, national park, European paradise, or even just a visit to your old home town, you can use the down-time during your travels to contemplate the value of opening your marketing strategies up to distant, faraway places.

With that in mind, let’s talk about location-based marketing. That is, targeting customers using location-specific tools and strategies. This can look like a whole range of approaches, from ads and promotions on social media, to online shopping and locating nearby retailers for their convenience — and so much more. So as you snap those suitcases closed and line up those travel-sized toiletries, let’s unlock the power and benefits of location-based marketing.


Sometimes we forget how different people are in different places. Their interests, opinions, preferences…the list goes on. What is truly key when considering an appropriate marketing strategy is understanding cultural differences, both domestic and abroad. Something that works in Texas likely won’t have the same effect in Paris. For example, knowledge that comes naturally to locals, like their vernacular, might not make any sense to someone living even a state away, let alone a continent. Similarly, a symbol for freedom in America, like the Bald Eagle, would likely resonate with someone from the United States but might hold no meaning for someone from another country.

So, whenever you develop campaigns, always do your research. Opt for universal symbols or consult a local expert from the region you are trying to target. Better yet, make sure your marketing team is diverse and worldly, with an understanding of a broad range of demographics. When creating new campaigns, start from a blank slate and use rich and important cultural concepts to grasp the attention and hearts of your target audience.


Think about who your customers really are. Who is your intended audience? Look inward at your brand to get specific and then start approaching potential customers with location-based marketing tactics. Create profiles that allow you to reach deeper. Location can help you find common ground and the little extra push of convenience to convert them to customers that love your brand as much as you do. From there, think about how you’re going to reach them.

Location-based marketing can be helpful because it understands online traffic patterns as well as more precise locations, and uses them to help weed out irrelevant members of your audience. The benefit? When done right, this can help with cutting down on spending and making your marketing strategy more effective. The people you reach are simply more likely to purchase.


One key way to do this is geotargeting, a method of targeting ads to specific consumers based on the location of their cell phones. This is especially useful for travelers. Consider someone in need of a cold drink on their vacation, preferably one from a shop mere blocks away. A targeted ad right to that person’s cell phone might bring them relief of finding what they are looking for, right at their fingertips.

Think about it. It can remove some of the difficulties of searching through confusing maps or asking locals for recommendations without speaking their language or really knowing how to ask. Users opt into having their location used for ads, promotions, and other content when they approve tracking for apps and websites. Ultimately, it can set up a mutually beneficial channel for information and marketing.


Need an all-access pass to your audience? Find a smart way to do it that brings them relevant content they want and enjoy. Location-based marketing tactics can be extremely useful for finding your perfect audience and capturing their attention. Locals are interested in their region and visitors to a new place are often looking to get better acquainted with their destination.

Meet your customers halfway by helping them find you. Use social media to your advantage by including the location for your posts. Use it to create common ground with locals or to reach new customers! Let your audience envision themselves with your brand. Hopefully on the beach, sipping out of a coconut. Reel in new customers by putting on events in their location, big or small. Push out the details on social media and get all the PR you can leading up to it. Let your customers connect with the physical aspect of your brand, in real time, at an intriguing location. If they are too busy off on their traveling adventures to make the event, the buzz on social media is sure to get their attention, and their attendance in the coming year.

At Ameba Marketing, location is a source for limitless opportunity. Our clients come from countless corners of the world and our ambitious strategies, heart-string tugging creative, and measurable results take into account their unique homes and the breadth of people they want to reach. Simply put, travel and culture are essential aspects of what we do. Our work transcends borders, cultures, communities, and the hearts of those it reaches. 

With an internationally-minded, YES-fueled, and of course, always caffeinated team behind you, your brand won’t need a jet plane to reach and capture the hearts and minds of your audience. Bon voyage!