Let’s chat about AI, shall we?

In the past few months, it seems like artificial intelligence has taken the world by storm. For tech-hungry consumers, the new AI movement signals untapped potential and limitless opportunity. For less tech-savvy types, it spells nothing less than the end of the world. But for us marketers, faced with an influx of new and exciting tools at our fingertips, we lie somewhere in the middle.

Rather than shouting from the rooftops or cowering in fear, we see AI as a wild newly discovered species of animal — in need of a little domestication. This new technology isn’t going to be a replacement for marketers, but a complement to them. After all, evolution is one of our company’s core tenets…so let’s evolve.

If you’re not using AI in some way, shape, or form, it’s time to get on the path and take part in the next great technological leap forward. To help you, we asked the marketing mavens, mystics and magicians on our team to get real about their favorite artificial intelligence tools in marketing.

Strategy and Accounts

Lauren, Ameba’s queen of accounts, holds a special place in her heart for her favorite AI tool: Supernormal. This AI-powered platform is designed to bring you the best meeting notes of your life — at lightning speed. Instead of clacking away on the keyboard for an hour, this platform takes dictation automatically, allowing you to get deep with your clients, brainstorm freely and find new ideas on the spot. 

But that’s not all. Lauren’s runner up is Beautiful.ai, a generative AI software to help busy-bee marketers like us create spectacular presentations. Not only does it save time for account specialists who have chronically hefty workloads, it can take pressure off of equally time-burdened graphic designers. The software can create impressive designs that can make a presentation uber professional and take the strategic conversation to the next level no graphic design experience required.

Graphic Design

If you’re looking to step up your graphics game but don’t have a whole lot of experience with design, our social media graphics guru has the tool for you! Lili’s favorite AI tool is Canva, a free design site that makes creating stunning graphics much more accessible. It allows Lili to craft incredible, eye-catching content for social media, quickly and without extensive graphic design experience or expertise. So, while she is busy dazzling the world with content and raking in the likes and followers, our graphic designers can focus their attention on making their one-of-a-kind artistic masterpieces. 

This concept is precisely what impresses our social media superstar Natasha, about Adobe’s products. According to Natasha, generative AI and video editing is really changing the game by helping automate the graphics creation process, while leaving room for the human to polish it up and make it sparkle! And who better to comment than our very own sparkle-making machine! 

Taylor, our graphic designer and in-house marketing michelangelo, couldn’t agree more. Taylor’s top pick is Adobe Sensei, a tool that makes editing quicker and more efficient while also allowing designers to create personalized designs according to their unique artistic eye. Taylor says it’s been around since 2017 and not many people noticed. But now that the world is paying attention, it’s an excellent tool to increase workflow and productivity. Similarly, Taylor is also excited for Adobe Firefly and how it is transforming the way the world does video editing.


Lately, AI has been popularized for helping out with many peoples’ least favorite task…writing. So we asked Sean, our wizard wordsmith, about his favorite AI tool for content marketing. According to Sean, Grammarly is a must-have tool for any person trying to level up their writing. It’s a writing helper with an integrated generative AI that virtually disappears mistakes and even suggests improvements. Basically it’s the 2.0 version of spell check, but with some impressive superpowers. He says that if you don’t have an extra set of eyes on hand, it helps to have a tool that can look over your shoulder to do the proofing for you. He appreciates that it requires a human to write content with skill, art, and unmatchable personality, but also provides non-writers a tool in their back pocket to make sure their message comes across clearly.

While it’s become wildly popular for non-writers to try using tools like Jasper.ai and OpenAI’s ChatGPT to write content for them, according to Sean it’s a no-go for professional marketers. He asserts that using these tools can come across as inauthentic because people notice that it is missing a personal touch. Of course, nothing can replace the awe-factor in art that humans create. He also notes that unfortunately, we can’t rely on AI for accuracy, up-to-date knowledge, or the ability to understand culture. As a result, there is a lot that its content can miss out on. Instead, Sean argues that we can use AI to help us be better at doing what we do best…being creative.

Public Relations and Influencer Marketing

So, what about getting some help with earning well-deserved media attention? We asked Maya, our PR powerhouse, about her favorite AI tool, and she says that Meltwater’s marketing AI tools can pull articles together that have the same topic, delivering them neatly to her, instead of her having to painstakingly sift through the web’s content using Google’s advanced search functions. This saves Maya valuable time that she could be using to draft and send her killer pitches. Much like Sean, Maya warns against using AI tools to write pitches for you. According to Maya, the pitches are going to editors, whose job is to read and understand the ins and outs of stories. They can almost definitely tell from a mile away if a pitch isn’t written by a human. Not to mention, you lose the personal touch that can be key to getting media hits. 

The Verdict

Ultimately, the Ameba team is outspoken in their belief that while AI is an amazing, time saving tool, it is no replacement for originality, human heart, or artistic value. It is designed to augment natural and earned talents and skills, which we have plenty of around here! So, we certainly won’t be afraid to use it if it can speed up our processes and allow us to make an even bigger impact for our clients. We urge you to try it out, see what it can do, and whenever possible, use it to your advantage. Let AI marketing tools work for you to help you outpace them. Use them to become a faster, smarter, more talented version of yourself. Join us as we say YES to AI, and welcome the new evolution.  

At Ameba Marketing, we are passionate about keeping our fingers on the pulse of the industry and helping grow businesses from any stage in their journey. That’s why we take advantage of every resource possible to become more efficient and effective marketers. For more tips, or help with growing your business, reach out to us. We would love to chat over an espresso — a real one.