No matter where you are in the world, the coronavirus pandemic is still making a huge impact on almost every aspect of our lives. And though some parts of the world are slowly opening up, there’s no way to know when things will get back to normal, if ever. And businesses and brands in every industry are taking huge hits to their bottom line. So the question is, as marketers, are there strategies we can implement during this topsy-turvy time? 

The answer, of course, is a resounding YES. (because that’s our answer for everything, after all.) So, let’s take a look at the best, most creative marketing strategies we can implement to keep brands going strong.

Get Really, Really Social

Now, ‘connect with us on social media’ is probably one of the most overused statements out there. But have you ever really thought about what it means? Look, most of us are at home, locked onto a screen of some kind, and signed into some social media account. So why not actually take a deep dive into your social strategy? Now’s a great time to devote yourself to sharing original and exciting content about your brand. If you don’t have the workforce to produce highly stylized, expertly crafted posts – don’t worry! Better to create content that’s a little rough around the edges to not create at all.

Optimize, Optimize, Optimize!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO if you didn’t know (and you should)), is key for any business in today’s market. Getting your brand’s name on Google’s first page will do wonders for your company. And while we’re all in a kind of limbo, now’s the time to get a handle on your SEO. So don’t wait – find those keywords, write those blogs, build those links, and optimize your website – you might just come out of this on top.

Give Back

Philanthropy is always a good idea – but right now, it’s especially important. Pick an organization to raise money for, donate PPE to medical professionals, or try to highlight one particular group that is suffering silently right now – anything you choose to do will make the world just a little bit brighter, and show your clients you care.

Clean Up the Nuts and Bolts

When’s the last time you took a real, hard look at your company’s user experience, workflows, research & development, and overall organizational structure? Take advantage of this time by refining the way your business runs. All those times you told yourself you needed to really take some time to get into the nitty gritty of your company – now’s that time.

If You Can, Adapt

Picture your company in the near future – in a world that is somewhere between how we were and how we are – is your business still necessary, relevant and useful? If not, it’s time to possibly make some changes to how you do things. Can you move any portion of your services online? Can you shift your production facilities to a domestic location? Can you add (or remove) products that will fit the consumer of tomorrow? If you can, do.

Well, we hope these creative marketing strategies will be helpful to your brand and your business. At ameba, we’ve always been about adapting to change, fitting into different spaces and keeping flexible to evolve into any situation. And right now, that seems like a pretty good philosophy.