Isn’t it strange that in today’s digital world, filled with instant gratification, information overload, and content around every corner the only true currency is connection? In the face of so many technical advances, every consumer that’s feeling isolated is looking to connect in a personal, heartfelt and human way.

But that’s exactly where your brand story comes in.

Developing a human story surrounding your brand might seem like a silly, creative waste of time. After all, if you’re trying to sell products or services, shouldn’t you put all your efforts into that directly? Why spend your time thinking of an emotional purpose, a cohesive vision and other lofty goals?

Here are a few reasons why building a brand story should be your top priority, right now.

Building Trust

There has been a sea change in the marketing world. Most consumers can see through cheap ploys, gimmicks and slick pitches. They know they are being marketed to, so most consumers regard advertising with a general sense distrust. But when a brand connects with them on a human level, an emotional bond is formed, and deep sense of trust follows.


It has long been held that if a company allows audiences to self-express through their brand, they will do more than just purchase their products or services – they’ll become ambassadors for the brand, and basically do your work for you. Think of how many consumers proudly wear their products on their sleeve (literally) because of what it says about their status, personality, and sensibilities.

When you speak directly to your customers in an earnest, heartfelt way, you have a chance to truly reach them, and self-expression won’t be far behind.


When you can relate to your customers in a personal way, they’ll be more inclined to follow, like and share your social media content. And where there is more engagement, there’s more business, and your audience becomes a champion and mouthpiece for your company.

Standing Out

No matter the industry, heavy competition seems to be par for the course. If there is money to be made, an audience to reach, or a disruptive new idea out there, there will always be hordes of companies diving in to get a piece of the action. That’s why building a solid brand story is so important; it’s one of the best ways to stand out from the crowd. In the eyes of the public, a successful brand story is what separates the fakers and imitators from the real deal.

Staying Focused

One very practical benefit of a good brand story is consistency. When you define your brand’s story, purpose and vision, you’re establishing an anchor by which all marketing efforts can rely on. And if you stay connected with your story, your brand will always have a messaging north star to point to, no matter where the company goes.

A great brand story can build your company up in invaluable ways. So, whether you’re leading a startup or an established corporation, we have the same advice: take a deep breath, step back and tell your story.