physical or mental collapse caused by overwork or stress (Oxford).

Looking for a way to hit the reset button at work? Need a way to regain the go-get-em’ attitude you had when you first got hired? Chances are you’re at risk of job burnout. Burnout can be infectious, transferring to your family and coworkers, even your pets. It invades all aspects of your life and perhaps worst of all, is a virus to the creativity and productivity that make you feel whole, inside and outside of the office. So how can you get out of the vicious cycle of job burnout? Go grab a Kit-Kat and take that break.

Don’t worry, Be Happy

When you need a break, your body will tell you. It’ll come in the form of physical ailments such as headaches, stomach aches, fatigue, and depression. And this is not an acceptable side effect of your office experience.

Research shows that it is important to step outdoors every once and awhile to keep up the creativity and productivity. According to research into workplace psychology, a change in scenery can promote creativity. Exposure to nature especially can do you, and your business, some good!

Work It Out

When you get more done, your business flourishes. If you are feeling down, stressed, and overworked, it shows to your coworkers. Business is about being part of a team. If you are not taking the breaks you need then you are throwing a wrench into your team dynamic, forcing the cogs in that machine to work much harder and maybe even break down too.
Studies show that not taking breaks can decrease productivity. If you take regular breaks, you’re actually avoiding wasted time that occurs when you skip out on your break. You need that mental distance from the task at hand to keep you going at full speed ahead. Increased productivity means getting all that work that’s stressing you out, out of the way. So you can actually take even more breaks! It’s the opposite of a vicious cycle. Welcome to the…sweet puppy cycle!

Lighten Up

The best way to make light of a situation is to go out and get some light! I’m talking Vitamin D! When you work indoors, it is important to get outside every so often. Research shows that exposure to sunlight during the day impacts your melatonin and serotonin levels which means sunshine for you during the day can improve your sleep, boost your energy, and improve your mood. So, get out and get some of nature’s mood booster!

Lessen the Load

If all else fails in looking to avoid stress at work, do not hesitate to reach out to coworkers for help. You never know, someone might be looking to take on more responsibility and you could help them while they help you. We get it, it’s not easy being a superhero. But even Batman has Robin. So, talk to HR about hiring an intern. Your own personal sidekick! What’s not to love?

So, take those vacation days. We get that it feels like you can’t, but the truth is, you can. And believe, everyone wants you to. Sit back, relax, and burn up on your tropical island of choice, instead of burning out.

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