Us marketers are infamous for our heavy focus on content. We spend hours ruminating on the subtleties of a particular turn of phrase, arguing over typographic elements, or marveling at the hidden wonders of negative space. To creatives, nothing’s more important than delivering a brand’s message in the most inspiring and elegant way possible. But in the end, does it actually matter? Or are we just a collection of shoe-gazing artists, with no concern for profitability, the bottom line, and undeniable results?

The answer is a resounding NO – with a side of how dare you?

Beautiful, engaging and effective content is like a rainbow in the sky, grabbing attention and eliciting positive reactions to all who experience it. But like the proverbial St. Patrick’s Day legend, at the end of that rainbow is a pot of gold – or in the eyes of our clients – revenue, return on investment (ROI) and growth. That’s the elusive goal, improving content marketing ROI. With that being said, take a look at three reasons why great content will improve your company’s profitability in the long run:

The Importance of Graphic Design in Marketing

1. Increased Brand Awareness

You might not realize, but your eyes and ears are constantly filtering content – focusing on what your brain deems meaningful, and ignoring what it doesn’t. By infusing imaginative creativity and higher relevance into your paid media, your ads become more interesting to your audience, and you keep their attention.

2. Increased Click-Through Rates

When someone reads your content, they’re deciding subconsciously whether it is worth their time and energy to learn more. While it’s true that some viewers will simply never be interested in what you have to offer, many could be. It all comes down to the content to entice them to click, to engage, and to purchase. Strong creative positions your brand as reputable and creates a personality which can add incentive to click.

3. Increased Brand Affinity

Never underestimate the emotional connection your audience has with your brand. After all, emotion plays a part in most of the decisions we make. Having a positive affinity in the eyes of your customers leads to repeat purchases as well as a likelihood to promote your brand to peers. When your content engages users with a message they resonate with, you build a lasting connection beyond the purchase.

How to Improve Marketing ROI

By grabbing attention, driving more traffic to the site, and creating real relationships with your customers, your content is more than just beautiful, it’s profitable.