Video Marketing in Modern Campaigns

Listen, this blog is not just a shameless ploy to show you all of the awesome video content we’ve worked on as of late. (Though that content will be featured. You want to see it, you know you do.) It’s not a selfish plug to get our clients to do more video because it is one of our favorite things to work on, either. (Though you really SHOULD be doing more video. You should.)

I’ve always been a sucker for video marketing. Seriously. I’ve always loved commercials. I watched MTV with wonder whenever labels leveraged music videos (AKA commercials) for songs to sell their “products” and was seriously inspired whenever I saw product integration so seamless I didn’t notice it ‘til years later (Carrie Bradshaw with the iconic Apple laptop, anybody?).

The fact of the matter is, using video as a marketing tactic is nothing new. Video strategy is as old as big hair and cat eyeliner.

Here are some cold hard facts on how much we all love video marketing, courtesy of WordStream: the average user spends 88% more time on website if it has a video. Heck, 64% of consumers make a purchase after watching branded social media videos. And speaking of social media – videos generate 1200% more shares than text and images combined.


If a picture is worth 1000 words, a video is worth a bajillion. There’s really no better way to bring your brand, vision, and core values to life.

Case in point: you may not think of a city as a brand, but it can be with the right brand strategy. For one of my favorite campaigns, we helped Chula Vista rebrand itself as a city with character: hip, up-and-coming, and rich with possibility.

What tied our campaign together was a brand video for the overall campaign. I dare say we helped solidify Chula Vista’s unique story, and the video was recognized by the PRSA with a 2018 Edward L. Bernays Award of Merit in the video program category!


another example i’m particularly fond of is our 2018 sharp health plan brand video. we developed this creative as a part of an integrated campaign spanning ooh, digital, radio and cinema. cinema provided the unique opportunity to bring this campaign to life, with simple animations, to solidify the solid message seen on billboards around the county.



And trust me, brand videos give you more bang for your buck. With the right approach from the get-go and a little editing, you can get a lot more out of just one video.  Take, Studio SWEAT onDemand. We had 3 main objectives: generate brand awareness, drive free trials, sell passes. We leveraged one video to do all 3!



Who among us hasn’t been saved by a lo-fi YouTube tutorial? Videos are AMAZING for making complex processes easy to understand and consume. It’s why YouTube is the second most popular search engine ever.

In the interest of enlightenment, check out a few informational videos we’ve done for CorTechs Labs and Momsense.



Videos are also awesome for easily communicating (and getting people excited about) your product offering. It’s also awesome for testing messaging. If you have an especially clever or innovative product, there’s no better way to show it in action than a short video.


Is it “JIF” or “GIF”? Whatever side you’re on, you have to agree that GIFs are absolutely perfect for driving interest in engagement on social media, where the shorter the content, the better.

So, are you ready to kick off your video strategy for 2019? You better be. I’ll be waiting for your email. Hit me up at and let’s get rolling. Pun intended, as always.