Well here we are in the year 2020, reveling amidst the unprecedented, unpredictable, and unbelievable. Things are crazy, right? It’s not just us? Us amebas sure think so, but understand that this distressing time calls for determined efforts. We are all learning to be better friends, better family members, better neighbors, and better coworkers. And right now, we need to – we’re living in a hyper-polarized society, a contentious upcoming election, unrest in major cities, a troubling economy, and the looming and seemingly all consuming — COVID-19.

Clearly, society is very tempestuous right now, so when it comes to marketing strategies, you have got to read the room. People still need to buy things and use services, so do your customers a favor and market to them in a way that makes them feel at ease with their purchasing habits even if they are uneasy about the state of the world.


Scrap the edginess that you might normally go for to show your audience that you are new, fresh, and cutting-edge. Instead, opt for a more comfortable tone. At this time, people can be comforted through connection, empathy, warmth, nostalgia, and all of the other great feelings that bring them to a happy place in their mind. Run with this in your next campaign — or rather, stroll with it.


Ensure all marketing materials that are released include people wearing masks if the pictures are from a time during covid. This will ensure that your audience understands that you value health and safety. If the pictures are of a photoshoot or stock style, go with pictures that remind people of a simpler time. Think messages that include smiles, laughter, family, and connection. Try to use colors that are either warm or calming. Stay away from harsh and bold right now as it might deter rather than attract attention.


Right about now, people are seeking words that soothe. Instead of loud and aggressive copy to capture attention fast, try an angle that allows the consumer to come to you. Use simpler words that people do not have to struggle to remember 10th grade English to understand. Make a conscious effort to use neutral or positive words in your copy instead of anything that might feel too in-your-face to the reader. Right now, you want your branded voice to be less punchy and more cuddly. Subconsciously, it would be great if your audience felt like they could sip warm tea while reading, rather than downing a red bull.

At Ameba, we said “YES!” but now, we say “yes…” That is because we believe in being adaptive to the audience and true to the moment. Right now, we are just pleased to continue helping our wonderful clients bring their beneficial products and services to the consumers that makes them feel relaxed and ready to purchase.