Here’s a question we get a lot: of all the possible agency names, why “Ameba”?  

According to Doron Malka, Founder and President of Ameba Marketing, the name “Ameba” is modeled after “Amoeba,” the single-celled organism capable of adapting to its environment thanks to its fluid and flexible structure. Doron opted for the second acceptable spelling, “Ameba” without the “o,” because he did not want to be classified as a biotech company.  Doron’s choice to keep the idea behind the name, yet modify the spelling to reflect creative adaptability, coincides with Ameba’s commitment to out of the box thinking.

Prior to Ameba, Doron worked with both small and large advertising agencies, but his dream was to create a new and unique agency not constrained by anything except clients’ needs and aspirations. He wanted to build an agency that can easily modify its structure and strategies to accommodate clients’ goals and changing market trends.

At Ameba, there is a firm belief that every client is distinctly different even if they sell similar products or belong to similar industries. The individuals in each company are unique. Their approach, cultures, attitudes, styles, vision and business philosophies are also unique and, therefore, they deserve original ideas and strategies.

Like Amoebas, we live in the client’s environment and with every interaction we create a new environment in which we naturally fit. There are no pre-made strategies or preconceived assumptions.  We approach every client with a fresh attitude and an open mind so that we can quickly adapt to their cultures, personalities, visions and needs.

A big part of Ameba is the “yes” factor. “Yes” is a philosophy Doron strives to uphold in his personal life as well. His energy is driven and created only by positive outlook and aspirations. He chooses to live life looking at every incident as a positive one. He sees “yes” as something that creates understanding while reducing stress and conflict. More than anything, “yes” means freeing the mind to examine all possibilities and leaving room for endless creativity.

In an industry that relies on ingenuity and creativity, this “yes” attitude can make all the difference. It is, after all, how we catch lightning in a bottle.

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