Social media has pervaded our society. We use it to connect with current friends, make new ones, and keep everyone up to date with our daily happenings and mindful musings. But now, we also use it to interact with brands too, and in much the same way. Social media users of all ages and backgrounds are hopping onto their favorite platform to find out about new brands and connect with those they identify with. So as you post your curated content, remember to check in with your DMs and scour the comments section. Responding kindly, and quickly, on social media is key to being a successful brand. Why? Keep reading, we have the content you need to keep your social sweet.

Look Who's Talking

Social media monitoring gives you insight into the audience that is talking about your brand and why. This means that beyond checking where your brand has been mentioned, it’s also important to use social media listening tools to gather information, even if your pages weren’t tagged. This can help you gauge how your brand is being perceived and find opportunities for improvement. If the content is positive, great, keep it going! If it is negative, this is your chance to understand your consumers better, address any concerns, and resolve potential issues.

The 411

These days, we hop onto Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, not just to keep in touch and interact with the world, but also to gather information. Many consumers reach out to brands’ social media accounts because it can be easier and might yield faster feedback. Responding to questions or referring customers to a better source of information, can set the tone for your brand, not to mention, lead to happier customers.

Positively Please

As we all probably know by now, what you say and do on the internet lives forever. We can delete negative comments, but they still exist, and that won’t delete the concern that caused them in the first place. Brand social media monitoring can be instrumental at stopping negativity at its source, before it goes viral. So be sure to keep your content positive, appropriate, and do your best to rein in the comments section too. If comments, DMs, posts, or any other mentions get ugly, this is a chance to turn those frowns upside down!

Set the Tone

Sometimes we get lucky, and things just kind of fall into place. As wonderful as that is, you need to do your best to keep it that way! Interacting with customers on social media sets the tone for your brand. Depending on how you want your brand to be perceived, you can address customers with an overtly cheerful “Hi there!” or opt for a more serious and professional salutation. Whatever the best fit is, greeting your customers and crafting thoughtful, informative, or witty responses, can help people identify with your brand and feel like a valued member of your companies’ community.

As a brand, social media monitoring is essential to keeping up with how your company is situated amongst its followers, and identifying pockets in the community for growth potential. Social media platforms are an invaluable tool for building brand awareness, and maintaining your loyal following. So, next time you post, tweet, or pin, remember to connect with your audience just like you would your friends and family — because in the end, isn’t that what you want them to be?