Eco-Friendly Consumerism. Sustainably Run Companies. Green Business Practices.

You’ve probably heard all of these phrases before. Many, many times before. The world today is becoming more and more conscious about the carbon footprint that companies are leaving behind. Consumers are more much more willing to buy from companies that match their personal beliefs, especially when it comes to being eco-friendly. The best way to demonstrate this is through your marketing strategies. You’ll want to make sure your consumers understand what steps your company is taking to ensure you are not doing more harm than good. 

One of the primary factors in adopting sustainable business practices in your company is to make sure your customers see the changes you have made. Once your customers believe that you are taking the necessary steps to create a sustainable business, they’ll be sure to post all about you on their respective social media networks, and the word will get out. So with that in mind, here are our tips for sprinkling some sustainability into your organization, culture and marketing strategies. 


The most important thing you can do is be honest and upfront with your customers. Make sure you tell them the exact steps you take to reduce your carbon footprint and act sustainably. One thing you can do is have a weekly social post that highlights the changes you are making, as well as the benefits to the planet. Infographics are a great way to demonstrate this as well as eco-friendly gifts. 

Give Up the Greenwashing

This would be the exact opposite of transparency. Greenwashing is essentially lying to your customers and “painting” yourself as an eco-friendly, sustainable company, when in reality you have made no improvements. This is not only unethical, it could also have horrible consequences for your business. Today’s consumer is aware of what the brands they buy stand for. If you are caught lying about being eco-friendly, you may as well kiss your company goodbye. 

Opt for Virtual Experiences

This is one of the most modern and trendy ways to engage your customers while also making your company more sustainably sound. There are infinite ways you can do this, the best examples come from the makeup and eyewear industries. Companies have made it possible for consumers to test products online before coming to the shop. Many people are now able to test eyewear and lipstick color, from the comfort of their own home, while saving tons of wasteful packaging in the process.

Big Steps for a Smaller Footprint

We all have heard the expression ‘minimizing your carbon footprint’ countless times now, but it really is a great way to change your business practices to be more eco-friendly. Start by going paperless, most companies are doing this anyway and it is very easy with the technological tools available. You can also start doing more zoom and video calls to avoid driving for in-person meetings. Prohibit the use of plastic cups and maybe create a branded water bottle for your employees to use daily.

At the end of the day we are here on this planet and it is our duty to keep it safe for the next generation. The beliefs and standards a brand has is now extremely important to young consumers, and we can predict that the next generation of buyers will continue down this path. The more sustainable your company is, the better off it will be. Now game-plan ways to improve your company’s carbon footprint for next quarter!