Pick a topic, any topic. Chances are, a quick google search will yield something in the neighborhood of a gazillion blogs on the subject. Don’t believe us? Try googling ‘How many types of whippets are there?’, and you will find a rather exhaustive treatise on the many varieties of the lankiest, daintiest, possibly most judgemental dog breeds in existence. 

And with so many blogs out there (just over 600 million at last count), you might be asking yourself why do so many companies, publications and individuals choose to spend so much time writing these extended essays, heady how-to’s, and tempting top-ten’s. After all, when it comes to your marketing efforts, knocking out a 700+ word blog is probably not the easiest or quickest tactic you can utilize. So why do it then? 

Simple. Because the benefits of blogging for your business are endless. In fact, we’re going to use this very blog to reap those benefits while explaining them! What, you think Christopher Nolan is the only one who gets to be meta? Ok, here we go…

Boost Your Rankings

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) may seem a little boring and technical for most people, (most, we say, because we happen to find it riveting), but we can assure you, it’s one of the most important tools in your marketing belt. Your company’s Google ranking is your key to being seen out there in the cyberland. Even living on the second page of Google’s search results could destroy a company. The beauty of blogs (and probably one of the most important reasons for their absolute abundance), is that if you regularly produce well-written, interesting content, filled with relevant and popular keywords — you can markedly boost your search engine rankings.

Showcase Your Brand’s Personality

Ok, you’ve gone to the lengths of creating a company culture, a corporate mission statement and a brand style — now it’s time to show yourself off! Blogs offer a wonderfully direct way to express the personality of your brand, and by extension, you! This is key in the modern business era, because so many consumers are looking for more than just products, they want to relate to companies.

Strengthen Your Client Relationships

If you’ve built solid relationships with your clients and customer base, good for you! This is certainly important to your long-term success. But now, how do we strengthen those bonds? You guessed it, blogs! If you’re able to produce 1-2 interesting and thought-provoking blogs per month, and share them through your social channels or email lists, you’ll be able to connect with your audience, entertain them, and stay on the tip of their tongue, solidifying those essential relationships.

Position Yourself as a Thought Leader

Want to make a believer out of your potential customers? Blogs are the way to go. With total freedom to produce whatever content you like, this is your opportunity to position yourself as a thought leader in your industry. You’ll have to do a little leg work to pull this off. Try to come up with a fresh take on a subject that’s relevant to your audience. By coming out with original and bold ideas, you’ll be able to attract readers and establish yourself as an expert, further developing trust in your future customers. 

Elevate Your Social Presence

Another benefit of blogging is the ease at which your readers can share your articles. With a simple link, blogs are tailor-made for a quick post on your followers social channels. Come up with an interesting topic to write about, a compelling title, plus some attractive imagery, and you’ll be receiving more views, shares and an expanded reach. 

Well, there you go. We hope you’ve found our blog-about-blogs interesting, informative and inspiring. We hope it gets you to put pen-to-paper (or finger-to-keyboard), and start expressing your brand’s true voice. But if you’re still not convinced that blogs are incredible at engaging your audience, ask yourself, why are you still reading?