Are you utilizing LinkedIn effectively and efficiently?

If you’re a marketer in the B2B space, you hopefully know your ideal customer—along with industries, the company size, and locations best suited for your products or services. Hopefully you have taken the next step and created a list of brands that fit that criteria. This is so important because…

LinkedIn allows you to target those businesses directly!

All you have to do is upload the company name and URL, and you can target employees from specific companies. You can even refine your targeting through filters like Seniority and Title.

Here are the 2 primary ways to utilize this tactic:

1. Top Prospects

Once you’ve built a list of your ideal customers, your ads can target the right decision-makers. There’s nothing more valuable than knowing every dollar of your paid media is reaching your ideal prospects—and it’s something that every brand in the B2B space should prioritize. As you become savvier with your paid media efforts, you can even begin running different campaigns for each industry, company size, etc.

2. Lead Nurturing

After you’ve contacted a prospect and they’re in the consideration phase, you can use USP-oriented (Unique Selling Point) ads to retarget them and keep your brand top-of-mind. Your sales team is a great resource to get a list of brands that have started the consideration phase via direct communication. And if you don’t have a sales team, there are a variety of services that utilize your website traffic and ad engagement to identify brands that have entered the consideration phase.


Questions about how to implement this? Get in touch to learn more!