Can you feel that: the energy on the streets, the movement in the air, the more-than-bearable lightness of being all around us? Oh, it’s palpable. And it’s also kind of expected. With the pandemic on the wane, the economy ramping up, and the weather getting warmer — we’re in for one of the smiliest-summer’s we’ve had in recent memory. 

And your marketing strategy should be no different. People are looking to see the same level of hope and optimism they feel inside, expressed through the brands they identify with. So with the summer season skipping towards us, let’s go through some easy ways to generate excitement and positivity through your brand.

Revive Your Color Palette

One subtle, yet effective way to promote feelings of optimism within your branding, ads, and organic social media — is through changing up your color palette. Color is a powerful tool — studies have shown that colors release hormones in our brains that can affect our emotions, mental clarity, even our energy levels. So don’t be afraid to paint your marketing materials with a healthy influx of hopeful hues, pleasing pastels, and vibrant color schemes.

Host an Event

Live events, remember those? Yes, back in our day you’d use a live event to promote a special occasion, launch a product, or otherwise spread awareness of your brand to your would-be consumers in the general public. Guess what? It’s time to bring those back! Depending where you are in the world, restrictions are mostly easing enough to allow for gatherings — and holding it outside will make it even easier.

Be Bold in Your Messaging

Ever notice that in the past 12-15 months or so, certain phrases seemed to pop up more than others? (Statements like ‘After the year we’ve just had’ or ‘In times like these’ or ‘We’re all in this together’ send our content department into conniptions.) Yeah…it’s time to let all of those go, too. In fact, it’s high-time you completely overhauled how you speak to your audience. Now is the time to instead be bold, daring, sarcastic, snarky, expressive, ANYTHING — just not ordinary. Trust us when we tell you, you’re not doing yourself any favors by being vanilla.

Update Your Social Content

Your social media channels are wonderful places to promote and fully showcase your brand personality. So if you want your followers to feel some of that positive juju, give it to them. Post regularly showing your team doing outdoor activities, mini-field trips, or any other refreshing environments other than the stale old office. Or better yet — update your office and show that off, too!

If there’s one takeaway we’d like you to, you know, take away, it’s that your claustrophobic, FOMO-filled, screaming inner voice that’s developed over the last couple of months, is inside everyone else too. So make sure that with all your marketing strategies, you’re expressing that unbridled joy and unbounded hopefulness — sing it out, and your customers will no doubt sing along with you.