What a long, strange year it was…

But now, we’ve set our sights on the stunning view in front of us: 2023. Social media platforms are absolutely captivating the public, and that is certainly not changing anytime soon. Between reels and “being real,” it’s sure to be scenic. And we wouldn’t want you to get lost! So, leave the past year in the rear view and let us be your tour guide. Keep reading for our roadmap for 2023 marketing trends.


The once-obscure BeReal social app has been exploding lately, and it’s easy to see why. By allowing users to share what they’re doing within a 2-minute window every day, it’s bringing friends together in a way not seen before. But how long will the trend last, and can it actually be useful for promoting your brand? Our position is to hop on as it continues to be relevant in 2023. Yet we do not expect this to be the booming platform that other recent developments, such as TikTok, have been for generating sales. We see this as a way to boost awareness of your brand and to show potential customers what your brand’s authentic personality is. So go ‘be real’, and watch as your new community will, too! 


Speaking of TikTok… What’s not to talk about! 2022 brought an endless onslaught of security issues, safety bans, a lack of content moderation, as well as regulations to the app, and the controversy seems to be continuing through 2023. But you know what else is endless? Loyal users and the seemingly never-ending scroll time this app acquires. Although the app may face a rocky future in the next few years, it appears that TikTok’s place near the top of the heap will only expand in 2023. Look forward to making content on this platform one of your brand’s top priorities this year. Stay relevant and, if you’re lucky, (or happen to have a fantastic marketing team), find your way into a “TikTok made me buy it” craze. Use this wildfire of a platform to create new and explore existing social media marketing trends, test out popular hashtags, and of course, harness the undeniable power of influencers.


In the era of the TikTok takeover, look to Instagram as a respite from the chaos. Instagram may not be the hottest platform out there in 2023, but it sure is the trusty highway that we have been enjoying for years. As mentioned above, because of TikTok’s influence, some users may spend less time on this app than they used to, but nonetheless it hasn’t lost relevancy, especially in terms of eCommerce. So get your online store ready to go and post your fantastic products like there’s no tomorrow. Explore another avenue by taking advantage of the expected uptick in affiliate marketing. Don’t forget to explore influencer opportunities here too. Live streams are more popular than ever, so don’t forget to make it a big part of your social content this year. 


With the Twitter takeover in the rear view, what’s left is likely a rocky road ahead. We expect Twitter to continue to be enveloped in controversy, yet, the newsworthiness is as great as ever. We anticipate Twitter making headlines that will drive users back to the app to inevitably see your content. So, continue using this platform to capture the eyes of those news readers. Capitalize on the social media marketing trends by focusing your energy on providing quality updates for your audience. Craft thoughtful content in the form of articles and engage followers with opinion polls, allowing them to share their voices. 


Like it or not, Facebook is sticking around. You’ll need to have to have a FB business page to have Instagram, so be sure to keep it up to date as you focus more of your content elsewhere. Use this as a space to share information and link to other sources of content for your brand. But here’s what not to sleep on: the metaverse. With the rise of virtual reality, we expect to see engagement with metaverse marketing. It’s new, and a little trippy, so expect it to be experimental and an opportunity to embrace the experiential. Use this opportunity to engage customers with your innovation, finding new ways to make a lasting impression. As you venture out into the practically uncharted territory of the metaverse, do your research, get to know the platform, and prepare to get on board with this fascinatingly futuristic tactic. 


While some go through life like a sports car…others more like an SUV. Consider Pinterest your go-to social media channel for a more relaxing and inspiring approach to marketing your brand. But watch out, we project that advertising on Pinterest will get more expensive to reap the same reach. So, when you can, find organic ways to grow awareness by anticipating app-specific trends. In Pinterest’s very own report, they expect to see puppy pool parties, futuristic fashion, burnt orange weddings, and a resurgence of the golden years, just to name a few of the upcoming trends. Look into all of the platform’s predictions to find a niche that your brand can fit and get creative to reach your desired audience. 

Digital Audio

As the craze for audible content continues, we see this as one of the key 2023 marketing trends to not miss out on. So, listen up for how you can take advantage of audio advertising. Embrace your podcast obsessed potential customers by finding a show that is willing to promote for you. You can start by reaching out to a podcaster in a genre that can capture your audience. Let’s say you are a fitness streaming platform, what better way to promote than find a famed fitness podcaster to sing your praises? This is an excellent way to have a reputable source pitch your brand to a willing audience with a personal touch in the form of a genuine testimonial. Get out there and be heard!

Well, that was our last stop! We hope these tips fuel your strategies, helping prepare you and your team to ride out the current social media marketing trends, in style, on the road ahead for 2023.